Maze of the Lost Warlords

One dare can change your life... it just might not be in the way you'd thought.
Stealthelli would love to become a pro gamer. However, she knows that to be successful, she'll have to stream content people have never seen before, just to get noticed.
When the game company releases a new expansion with the hardest dungeon yet, she takes the day off work in an attempt to be one of the first inside.
On a dare, Stealthelli enters the Maze of the Lost Warlords to see if she can survive... alone.
Download the fast-paced short story: Maze of the Lost Warlords and start your game today.


5 Stars
I didn’t like it... I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED IT
It was so refreshing to read a story about a small character getting to intimidate a pro and come out with a lucrative payday. I loved the way she [*spoiler removed*]. Perfection (imho). I wouldn’t mind seeing this go to full novel. Uh, when you have the time, of course.
~ Gandolf174
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