Zones of Alacria - Stat Definitions

The Life Stats

Calculated by: (10 x Toughness) + 0 Level Bonus + 0 Gear
Calculated by: (10 x Intelligence) + 0 Level Bonus + 0 Gear
Calculated by: (10 x Endurance) + 0 Level Bonus + 0 Gear

The Base Stats

Increases all physical attack damage & improves your chance to block incoming physical attacks by successfully countering the force behind it.
Increases all physical attack speeds, ability to dodge, movement speed & critical chance for physical attacks. It also improves your ability to perform intricate tasks.
Defines your mana base – each point increases MP by 10. Increases your magical attack damage & determines the level of magical spells you can learn.
Defines your health base – each point increases HP by 10. Increases your health regeneration speed & your defense against physical attacks.
Defines your stamina base – each point increases SP by 10. Increases your stamina regeneration speed & how much weight you can carry.
Increases your resistance to mental attacks, fear and pain & your speed of learning new skills.
Increases your mana regeneration speed, defense against magic & your problem-solving skills. Decreases your casting times. Determines the number of magical spells you can learn.
AVAILABLE AFTER LEVEL 5. Given to you from your interactions with others. Can be either positive or negative. Affects how much others like you & how they treat you. Influences your access to help and information.
AVAILABLE AFTER LEVEL 20. Affects how much others like you & how they treat you. Influences things like bargaining, teaching, access to quests and information.
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