Zones of Alacria: The Dragon Hunters

Experimental Alchemist Book 1.5

Zones of Alacria - Book 1.5 - The Dragon Hunters Book
146 Pages
Coming in eBook, print & audiobook
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Contains spoilers for Book 1.
Magic is being eliminated. He has one last move; save the game or die trying...
30 years before Orianna’s birth, the lottery that feeds the Zones of Alacria with unwilling residents was created.
Lord Andrew Hoetford, a power-hungry noble who will stop at nothing in his bid to dominate, is selected in the very first lottery. Determined to become the controlling power in the first zone, he will do whatever it takes to ensure no one stands in his way.
Jace Hagan (the lead game developer) and Shen Long gamble everything to stop him, including risking tearing a hole in the world that even the mighty Shen Long struggles to mend.
Discover what lies behind the Dragon Gate. See for yourself what really happened between Andrew and the elves, and find out why the NPCs think dragons are a myth.
Zones of Alacria: The Dragon Hunters is book 1.5 in the Experimental Alchemist series. Set before book 1 on the timeline, it ties books 1 & 2 together. If you like game mechanics, magic and dragons (without harems or swearing), then you'll love this revealing side quest.


5 Stars
When I read this book, I couldn't believe it was available for free! It's really exciting to read more about some of the characters I met in the first book, and get an inside peek of the game and how everything came to be. Definitely worth the time!
~ A Outon
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