Zones of Alacria: The Dragon Gate

Experimental Alchemist Book 1

Zones of Alacria 1 The Dragon Gate Books
626 Pages / 14 .5 hours
Coming in eBook, print & audiobook
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In 6 days, my real body dies. Unless I solve the riddle to transition into a virtual reality, it’s game over...
Orianna is thrown into a deadly virtual world of magic and monsters. The power hungry leader of the Dragon Hunters guild offers her a choice – sacrifice an innocent to save herself, or risk everything and become the first person ever to solve the riddle.
With clues pointing to the Dragon Gate and her time disappearing fast, how can she find something that’s supposed to be a myth? If she succeeds, it’ll undermine the foundation of the biggest guild in the game.
Are you ready to play for your life?
Zones of Alacria: The Dragon Gate is the first book in the Experimental Alchemist epic fantasy LitRPG series, which contains game mechanics, crafting, tons of Easter Eggs and pets (no harems or swearing). If you enjoy unique magic, along with page turning action and adventure, then you’ll love this mind-bending quest.
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5 Stars
A Jewel of a Read
I loved everything about this book, the writing style the MC and other characters you fall in love with. While there were parts of the story that you knew what was going on and would silently yell at the MC to pay attention I loved the twist that the Author put into the story to make it not completely transparent.
~ Kindle Customer
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