Zones of Alacria: Dragon Flight

Experimental Alchemist Book 2

Zones of Alacria - Book 2 - Dragon Flight Book
610+ Pages
Coming in eBook, print & audiobook
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The game code is unravelling. Orianna must destroy the cause, or getting to Zone 2 will be the least of her worries...
Something is killing the Elven forest and mobs are getting into the towns. It’s up to Orianna and her friends to work out what’s causing it and reverse it before the entire zone disintegrates.
Orianna must level up her dragon mount in time to complete the challenges and save the game from destruction. Her dragon, however, is afraid of heights.
Worse yet, a hidden note reveals a much greater threat than Andrew. However, unless she and her friends can keep the game alive, none of them will live long enough to face the new danger.
Zones of Alacria: Dragon Flight is the second book in the Experimental Alchemist epic fantasy LitRPG series, which contains game mechanics, crafting, tons of Easter Eggs and pets (no harems or swearing). If you enjoy unique magic, along with page turning action and adventure, then you’ll love this hilarious follow up quest.
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