May 1, 2019

How to Leave a Review


A book's success is linked heavily to the reviews people leave on places like Amazon. So here's an explanation of what those stars for the reviews actually mean.

Positive Reviews:

5 star = you liked / loved the book and you will read the next one
4 star = you liked the book, but you probably won't read the next one

Negative Reviews:

3 star = you completely disliked the book and definitely won't read the next one
2 star = you hated the book
1 star = you really hated the book and wish you hadn't bought it

What suprises most people is that Amazon counts 3-star reviews as negative reviews.

The best way to help out an author you like is to give them a written review along with a positive star rating, especially if you bought (rather than borrowed) the book as these reviews are given more weight by Amazon. Even just a quick "I enjoyed it" with 4-5 stars can make a huge difference to how many people Amazon will suggest the book to.

How to Leave Your Review

To leave a review:

  • Find the book on Amazon by searching for the title or author name.
  • Once you're on the page you bought it from, scroll down to the bottom.
  • Right next to all the existing reviews, you'll see a button that says "Write a customer review".
  • Click that.
  • Select your star rating, and add your thoughts.

It's as simple as that, and you'll have helped that author considerably, (especially if it's a 4-5 star review).

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