Stats, Attributes & Skills

Name: K R Dimmick.
Race: Human (born in England, grew up in Hong Kong, now lives in sunny Florida, USA).
Level: Gamemaster - Zones of Alacria.
Guild: Just Us - Storyteller / Archivist.
Dragon Claw Coming Down
Games Played: Guild Wars 2, Black Desert Online, Dungeons & Dragons, Runes of Magic. (First death was to a vicious level 10 bunny rabbit name Mila - sadly more than once).

Life & Crafting Skills

Writer: Level 4 (progress 52%) - aka number of LitRPG books.
Scholar: Level 75 (progress 24%) - currently has four degress, due to exploring things of interest and forgetting to come up for airm In the process of a fifth, that may, or may not, ever get finished.
Sleuth: Level 50 (progress 69%) - grew up creating treasure hunts and riddles, now loves discovering and including as many Easter eggs as possible in books.
Traveler: Level 25 (progress 21%) - aka number of countries visited so far - traveled a lot around Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Europe and now North America.
Cook: Level 1 (progress 1%) - burns everything.
Jeweler: Level 17 (progress 25%) - Enjoys creating jewelry.
Watercolor Painter: Level 10 (progress 17%).

Combat Skills

Energy Healer: Level 70 (progress 88%) - used to be a chiropractor. Also, a Theta healer and certified NLP and Hypnosis master practitioner.

Gear Bonuses

Ring of Everlasting Love: Bonus: Permanent partner by your side (Husband Steve - added bonus: he can cook, thank goodness).
Wings: Bonus: +100 to creativity and flights of fancy.
Sunglasses: Bonus: Allows wearer to see things that are really there.
Flip Flops: Bonus: Cooling and quick removal for walks on the beach.
Bag of Holding: Bonus: Plenty of room for writing pads, pens, laptop, and painting gear.
Kindle: Bonus: Permanent books on hand for reading 24/7.
KR Dimmick
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